#Repost from @channel_street_skatepark (@repost_media_app) In the last 2 weeks: …

2019-09-13T05:50:34+00:00Andy Jenkins|

#Repost from @channel_street_skatepark (@repost_media_app)
In the last 2 weeks: Over $3000 in Gofundme donations, $2500.00 from Joe Buscaino’s office, $2500 from the ILWU Credit Union, $500 from Architect/builder Sean Marisich, and BOOM! VANS DROPS A $25,000 CHECK in our hands to help Channel Street get back rolling! Every donation counts, thank you to every one of you who donated 5 bucks. You are are equal in our eyes. And thank you to Vans, Council District 15, ILWU credit union, Jeff Grosso and Sean the builder for your generosity. THIS IS DIY. We’re at $38,500…Let’s get this thing to 50 grand. We’re gonna need it. Channel Street documentary coming soon to the Warner Grand Theatre in Pedro and fundraiser rock show/art show in Long Beach at the Good Bar on Sept 28th. Come support! Pic of Ron by @rtpnick

2019-09-13 05:50:34