Miiiiiiaow….. 😍😻😍
I’m very pleased to say that this first batch of “Crazy Cat” gear came out RAD! I’m just in the process of debt collecting and mailing this first lot out. So if you haven’t got yours yet, it’s because either you haven’t paid or I haven’t posted it yet. But, they’re done and ready for deliveries ☺️ If you would like me to order something for you in the final batch 2, that I’ll be printing at the end of the week? You really need to find a way of getting your money to me in the next 24hrs, before I place the next order. If we have a prearranged “pay-day” that’s cool, but would still kind of appreciate your money asap/earlier, because I literally can not afford to buy more gear “on tick” and still print them up later in the week! 😕 Every penny I have is going into this, and it’s not cheap either. But still, I am truly truly thankful to anyone and everyone whose showed an interest and made all this possible. 🙌🏻👊🏻☺️ I hope you all love your new quality cat wears, as much as I loved making them! 😍😻😍 And again I’m so so grateful for all the support, it really is appreciated! 🙏🏻☺️
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2020-01-27 09:37:27