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There’s only one day left to bid on works for @artonapostcard (bidding ends around 2pm Thursday 9th).
Lot 153 ‘Untitled (Small Blocks) is an acrylic painting featuring a pattern which occurs in many works of mine. I have painted this pattern as a finished work, across 3D objects and as murals. I’m not entirely certain of the inspiration for the pattern, I believe it has been inspired by the urban architecture that I notice as a skateboarder. I think it’s reminiscent of certain paving, or of brickwork. The colours in the work are painted with a compulsion to avoid putting similar colours next to one another, of course there are mistakes in this, but I think that those mistakes speak to the imperfections of humans.
All the money raised from the works goes to @thehepatitisctrust
Bids can be made online at @dreweatts1759
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2020-07-08 13:07:03