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🙏🏼🖤 Very saddened you hear of the passing of Ebow Graham, better known as Metropolis from Foreign Beggars.
I had the honour of photographing them play live on four or five occasions and always absolutely loved the experience, the energy of their show was electrifying. ‘Asylum Speakers’ was on repeat in my teenage bedroom, ‘United Colours..’ had me knowing about Hereford Hospital Radio before I knew about Hereford itself, Metropolis’s lyrical flow really resonated with me & played a good part in establishing my love for hip hop.
On the one occasion I attended a gig of theirs without my camera I ended up having a green room joint with Ebow after he accidentally carried my coat backstage. I buzzed off that for weeks. There were a couple of festival tinnys over the years too. Damn. Gutted.

2020-04-20 12:38:31