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It’s a fresh month tomorrow and that means a fresh start for our minds. I’m inviting you to join me on a 21 day journey to feel better! ???

The last week or so I’ve hit a very hard place to be, yesterday was so difficult I dragged myself to the yoga mat at 11pm and did the most minimal stretch but I did something with an intention of helping myself feel better and that’s all That mattered. I really want to give it a good bloody fight now, I’m ready. I’ve reached out and starting another course of therapy soon but I also need to help myself as much as I can around this.

We’re all at different places with our mental health and some may not even experience these issues but it’s always a good time to start doing stuff that makes you feel good in the mind!

If you do wish to participate with me (by all means do whatever works for you and if this isn’t it do your own thing!!!) I’ve made a printable calendar or you could even make your own! Just set yourself one or two simple tasks as frequently as you think is obtainable that will help you progress! I’ve stuck mine to my wall and will take pride in getting to that 21 day mark!

Mine are:
-Watching ted talks/reading about people’s experiences with overcoming their issues
-doing activities like writing letters to people ,3 things I’m thankful for

Other ideas could be, draw/paint, dance, bake, go skate, bike rides anything that you feel good doing! Just don’t overstretch yourself, remember this is to make you feel good and not stressed/overwhelmed. This is something you can have as a guideline to help motivate you but if you miss a day because you felt super exhausted or was having fun doing something else then don’t worry!! You do you!

I’m no mental health expert and all I can share is my experiences. Feel free to send me a dm, ask more, we can motivate eachother! I don’t want anyone to be suffering in silence, I’m here, I’m living it and I want to help so if you do need anything from me I’m right here :)!!
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2020-06-30 15:02:54