Just finished this one on the train back from Sheffield. Been reading it for a while now and pretty sad I’ve finished it. It’s one of the most interesting insights into the life, work and personality of an artist and obviously being Hemmingway, an absolute hero of a man. Written by one of his closest and dear friends it chronicles the years of his life where he was most successful and most dangerous both in words and in charisma. It’s an adventure of all the best parts of his life, fine dining, fine women, outrageous money, mood swings, constant adventure, so much wine… it then goes into the end years when everything fell apart and what starts as a roller coaster of hedonism and wit soon becomes a deeply lonely and sorrowful outline of what Ernest became and the months leading up to his suicide. Anyway, I feel like a bell end as I’ve not even read any of his books however I’m glad I read this before to get a really clear and honest portrait of one of histories most enigmatic and provocative writers.
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2019-08-11 12:21:27