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I’m a man of white privilege. Like many, if not most of us, I have gone the majority of my life ignorant to this fact. I lived my entire childhood and much of my adolescence blind to the fact that white privilege exists and that it exists at the expense of the racially oppressed. This ignorance is no accident – it is due to a deliberate lack of education on the topic, on our past & current involvement in racism. Racism goes far beyond individual prejudices – it is an elaborate, deliberate and massively significant part of our society. Racism is structural and sophisticated.

I’m not usually one to share personal opinions on social media but I can’t see any real change happening until these facts are universally recognised and accepted. Maybe by speaking up, like more and more of us are, it will help to change the opinions of those people who don’t recognise what’s going on or who would rather turn a blind eye to it.

It’s far too easy to convince ourselves that we can’t do anything to make a difference – This is what allows racism to still be so prevalent in 2020. Thankfully more & more of us are waking up and educating ourselves – solidarity is important but recognising our own involvement is crucial.

2020-06-07 11:54:05