Joe is a skateboarder, instrumentalist musician and producer based in London

"So, these are some tunes I made mostly out of recordings I made and tapes i bought in Ghana, February 2013.

I was there recording the sound for a film - Lettres Du Voyant. The film deals with spiritualism and technology in contemporary Ghana. We visited all these amazing places, everything from huge e-waste dumps and illegal gold mines to JuJu ceremonies and historical & political monuments.

I returned and discovered I had this HD full of these super rich recordings. Tons of drums from possession ceremonies, jungles, street sounds, markets and prayers etc.

Recently, I have been getting more and more into making tunes and edits for the dance floor, I guess as I have started to play tunes at parties a bit more. Thats how these few came about. Its nearly two years ago now but I have started to dip into the HD, go through these recordings and see what I can grab to mix into a tune.

Its a really satisfying way to work by sampling from your own experiences, or whatever.Its great to be asked to have this profile on The No Comply page and be part of such a positive thing.

If anyone wants a download for anything or music for an edit, or whatever give me a shout!"


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