Jasper is a skateboarder and artist based in London

"I think that everything you do or experience in life becomes an influence to your creativity. I got into skateboarding through a friend of mine at school, before that we used to just hang out and draw together, then we were skating together. Its the same thing, something which sparks that part of your creative thought process motivates you.

I'm really hyped off everything that the Magenta Skateboards crew do, so much input from all sides of their crew, in so many different forms of creativity. They encompass everything around them so well on and off their skateboards.

Also Greg Conroy, who does Serious Adult makes seriously dope comics, he's bringing things back to basics, art through skateboarding as entertainment, nothing more.

I think The No Comply Network is a sick idea, World wide connect!
In the future, I'm going to try and just keep doing what I feel motivated by, I'm just gonna keep doing me and keep shooting skating and painting and see where it all ends."



Jasper Crook East London: Photo by @rafski

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