I’ve always tried to keep this page solely about my artwork and creative projects and as little about me as possible. However I was pretty stoked on this so I’ll drop as a rarity. Over the last year or so the homie @dmarleyj had collected together a load of HD footage of the whole crew @swp_crew before he sacked the camera in to move over to good old VX…. he made a big collected DSLR edit in a sort of crew full length but not proper full length.. anyway.. I had a small section on it which I was pretty hyped on. So at age 31 here is my sponsor me tape for City Stars and Ezekiel clothing…. cameo from the homie @beer.mat (the ledge at the end is probably the gnarliest thing I’ve ever done because it’s crusty as god and we had to Insert bamboo into the cracks to make it grind) … actual crew full length being filmed as we speak. .
#swpcrew #crustyspots #plymouthstreet #devonskateboarding #fearandloathing #mysponsormetape #citystarsisofficial #almostasgoodasdrakejones #swpskate #devonhomies


2019-08-08 17:40:48