I made this logo last week for @hackneybumps community, who are trying to get the legendary Hackney Bumps skatepark rebuilt or renewed. Me and the 243SUPPORT/Team Kaputt crew used to love this ghetto spot, and hosted the “Hackney Olympics” jam there a few times.
I also made a painting last week for an exhibition/auction organized by @whatthefattoush to raise funds for @skate_pal , which is dedicated to bringing skateboarding to the kids of Palestine. I’ll let you know details of that when I have them.
Right then, that’s my “tithe”, my charity work done, time to get back to working on paintings for my solo show at @gallery1to1 opening May 15th… have a beautiful day my friends!
#skatepark #skateboarding #concrete #crete #70sconcrete #tithe #palestine #savethechildren

2019-04-03 09:56:08