Greg is a skateboarder and artist living and working in Liverpool, who grew up in Birmingham.

“My practice mainly uses sculpture, film and animation to explore human impact on earth (the anthropocene) and the way we interact with our environment.

Skateboarding for me was a huge influence on the way I started to look at space and architecture. It also made me look at the surface of objects and how they are constructed.

Far East Skate Network @FESN Claw​’s Spirit quest
Jake Laffoley – Low profile CEO

I think The No Comply Network​ is great for connecting skateboarders and providing a platform to show what other skaters are making and what inspires them.

Currently, I am studying a MA at Manchester School of Art and a project with @linnyvenables called ‘The Offy’ which works with different artist to create editions. We set up shop every couple of months to sell them so just planning the next few events!”


Skate photo by Rick Magdaleno Ameglio

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