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This edit is one of many new ones you can watch on the @esskateboarding youtube page (LINK IN BIO). That includes never seen material of the éS team shot during the making of Menikmati, or even before
All you fans of Menikmati will spend a great time discovering these clips
When the Century fisheye came out for the VX-1000 video camera, it turned into a dilemma for the videographers. The lens was very expensive, had a very big surface, without any protection whatsoever, and because the angle of view was wider than ever, we would have to get closer than ever. And so getting in situations of high danger, with maximum risks at damaging this pricy accessory. Despite all these hits in this edits, I got very lucky at not damaging my fisheyes too badly. I think in total I had 2 for Menikmati, because, I did fuck one up in the early days of filming for the video. During that trip to Barcelona with Arto and Kerry Getz, I jammed the lens straight into the angle of a marble ledge at Universitat, following the finnish boy. The fisheye fell to ground, still atatched to the camera mount, that got ripped off. It was a disaster. Photographer Alexis Zavialoff was living near by with his room mate @quentindebriey , and they provided me with some super glue to put everything back in place. Now, all you videographers who had similar problem, and tried the same repare, you know this is the mistake you only do once. When glueing the mount back onto the camera, a chemical reaction then occurs within the camera, resulting with some mist appearing on the inside part of the lens, that you cannot access anymore! That was a terrible feeling. I don’t remember what happened next to keep on filming during that trip. I might have take it apart again, and try another technique. This memory is gone. Maybe those guys know


2020-06-05 12:29:14