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Oh yeah, @damdamdoudou asked in the previous post about the fake Thaï subtitles on Koston’s intro. Those subtitles in Thaï characters didn’t mean anything. I forgot what happened really. I guess, last minute, I thought it would be funny to have Thaï subtitles. But it was too late to ask someone to translate what Eric was saying. Instead, I wrote the subtitles in english, then simply asked the computer to switch the alphabet letters to Thaï characters…. so it didn’t mean anything, but came from some real source of information
About that session with the security guards. That spot was brand new, never been skated before. Our fixer said he could try talk to the security guards. I had no hope anything could happen in our favour. But quite surprisingly, he quickly came back and said it was OK, that they agreed for temporary session, in exchange of some cash of course. Koston had to discreetly wax the hubba. We diverted the guards ‘ attention while he was doing so. After a few warm up grinds, some guards looked closely at the hubba, which started to have some marks. I thought that would be it. But they kept being mellow and relaxed. Big Brother Magazine’s photographer Dimitri Elyashkevich aka @meechface asked the guards to shoot photos of them, with Koston skating in the background. So he is fully responsible for that surreal scene with the guys drinking booz and smoking fags, as Koston was Bs 5-0ing the hubba next to them! Instant classic. Cheers Dimitri
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2020-05-27 21:16:12