Flavio is a skater and designer from Switzerland.

For me personally, there is a big connection between skateboarding and creativity. I know a lot of people that skate who are interested in different subcultures and art and music scenes. Being surrounded by all these people has inspired me to start creating and organising projects with them and also others who don’t skate, like my girlfriend Julia Seemann who is a designer.

My passion for music started after watching skate videos like Emerica’s,’This Is Skateboarding’ or Zero Skateboards’ ‘New Blood”. To me, discovering new songs is an important aspect of a skate video. If I don’t like the music or already know all the songs I get bored easily. Right now, Pontus Alv from Polar Skate Co. and the guys from Isle Skateboards are doing great work.

TSAN recently did a collaboration with the garage band Shady and the Vamp. Some of them are skaters, too. We made a skateboard deck and a band shirt together with them and set up a tour where they played several shows in skateparks around Switzerland. Being able to combine music, skateboarding and the creation of products into one project and being able to do it in an organic way pushes me and this was a fun project to be a part of.

I see a lot of similarities between The No Comply Network and what we are doing with TSAN in Switzerland. We should collaborate.

TSAN has just released our latest video called ‘NEUE ORDNUNG’ (New Order in German). The video is part of a tribute to the Swiss 80s darkwave band Mittageisen. It was filmed and edited by Shqipron Bobaj.

The video is part of a bigger project that we did with TSAN. My girlfriend Julia did a capsule collection dedicated to the band for it. We organised a tribute event together with zweikommasieben and Klub Kegelbahn in Lucerne, Switzerland.The event featured the re-release of their hit single “automaten” on vinyl, our video premiere and a few choice DJ sets.We also produced a “Mittageisen” shirt together with their record label Mital-U.