👁🔥👁 @dp_timdowling Best Ever Interview is Up ✅ nocomplynetwork.com/tim-dowlings-best-ever-interview

Tim was @girlskateboards @chocolateskateboards and @worldindustries filmer in the 90s and filmed the @guymariano Mouse section. –

Whilst capturing Guy’s legendary footage for Girl, Tim independently shot and produced his own Mid 90s era-defining skate video ‘Listen’. –

Tim’s a No Comply Member, who works as a DOP in film and TV, so we had a chat about being a DOP, Camera Operating on ‘Curb You Enthusiasm’, filming Guy Mariano’s Mouse Section, skating with @chrisroberts , His top 10 favourite skate videos and why he thinks when it comes to making films it’s not about who you know but who knows you.

Give it a read it’s a best Ever G