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Oscar was shooting a toy bow and arrow at his friends place. He wanted to make one. I found a bunch of “how to” videos on YouTube. Yesterday we made a bow from a piece of wood. It worked, but not great. We found a video where a guy made a bow from a PVC tube and some glass fiber rods that worked amazingly well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the rods or even the same tubing in the hardware store today, so I took two pieces of plastic pipe for electrical wiring, fitted one inside the other, and it seemed to work pretty good. Some wooden dowling for arrows, with feathers split in two glued to the end, and I got Oscar to cut dull points with a knife, then we sanded it on the griptape of a skateboard. Probably cost ten bucks in total. Oscar made a quiver from a cardboard tube, and we used a couple of old boxes as a target.
I’m pretty stoked! Oscar is too!
We also had a good discussion about which garden tools at the hardware store we’d use in a zombie attack ?
Next plan is to make a bigger, scarier target, and then we want to make some Nerf blowguns/blowpipes/whatever they are called.
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2020-06-29 18:56:42