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Last week I finished painting the 50 meter long, two story high @urbannation_berlin museum facade, with the best crew ever @humble_writerz @theminamania @senor_schnu and @thedoodlezine , with the support of @yesandpro @michelle_hundertzehn @annapiera_illustration @kollekind .
I still don’t have a smart phone so can’t share all the amazing photos @nikakramer took, but you can see them on the Urban Nation Instagram account, or for a full write-up, including “making of” photos, visit their website www.urban-nation.com
Or better still, go visit the museum – this is a mural that requires a little more than a 5 cm square Instagram photo to fully appreciate!
Thanks @jan_sauerwald for inviting me to paint this wall ?
humanbean humanbeans mural berlin streetart graffiti

2020-06-16 09:24:41