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I’ve been staying out of the whole BLM discussion because I’ve never thought of my black friends, or my sons black friends, as any different than my other friends. They’re all just my friends. I also don’t understand the subject of race, since we’re all the same race – the human race. It seems to me that the idea of different races just puts us on to teams, which then creates competition. If you view life as a competition you create enemies. We’re all in this together. We rely on each other for everything we do. Everything other than breathing involves the efforts of others, so isn’t it about time we all recognize we’re on the same team, support each other, work together?
I don’t know what it’s like to have black skin. I know what it’s like to be hassled frequently by the cops. I know how it is to be beaten by gangs. I know how it is to worry constantly about making the rent, and to live off of stale bread. And it fucking sucks. I don’t wish that on anyone.
I am sick to my stomach watching videos of the brutal, inhuman actions of police officers in America this past week. What I see are people living in constant fear, lashing out in anger. I figure most police officers must have ptsd from constantly being verbally abused, witnessing violence and death daily. And I’m sure many members of our black communities also have ptsd from a life time of abuse, so I sincerely hope that mdma and psylocybin guided therapy, which cures ptsd in only one or two sessions, become legal and starts getting widespread use asap. Cops need regular psychoanalysis and immediate therapy after witnessing deaths. Hurt people hurt people, and it’s clear that our law enforcers are damaged people.
No easy answers, and a lot of work to do. But work that makes the world better is not really work – it’s service, and to be of service to others should be at the forefront of our minds always. Having just spent over 130 hours painting in the street, and being frequently thanked by the neighbors while doing this, I know I’ve been doing my small part to make life better.
I’ll end with this. Nothing is forever. We can change things. We can make life better for all. Get to it!

2020-06-09 12:39:15