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From a man that impacts me in more ways than he probably knows • @_nyishar_ • “This is my eye, looking directly at you. If you look closely you can see the remnants of my earlier life – stubborn toxicity that is yet to be eliminated. I’ll have to dig even deeper to cleanse that. If you really look, you’ll see the trauma that still has an influence on my behaviour and the way I live my life. You may also see other things in my eye, such as the compassion that arises from suffering and develops into a will to help others.
Most of the content I produce online is aimed at reminding people that we are not separate from nature, despite how human culture is ‘evolving’ technologically. That work carries the intention of opening people up just a little – to the realisation that nature doesn’t only exist outside of us but is the fundamental basis for the body & mind that we currently possess. The nature within and the nature without is the same and it is sacred, but the overwhelming majority of us have lost contact with that awareness and are living life through the intermediary of a screen.
As an online business owner I understand the importance of social media as a means to outreach clients & grow a business, but the majority of my content is also aimed at nourishing the viewer in such a way that it reminds us to slow down, look up and reconnect with nature in all its forms. That is why I practice sowarigpa – the Tibetan art of healing – because it is based entirely on the principles of nature and can heal us on all levels.
There is another element to the content I produce online – it is also an attempt at me connecting with other people in a meaningful way. I need to feel that connection too, and my work keeps me busier than I would like, which results in a feeling of isolation and a deficiency in community. In all honesty I am struggling, because I am becoming increasingly aware that our human culture is so enchanted by the ‘surface level’ of online interaction that we no longer give a shit about our health, the wellbeing of others or the fact that we are rapidly destroying this planet that provides a home for us all. * Continued below:

2018-08-04 09:54:53