Danny is a skater from Bournemouth who films and takes photos of skateboarding.

“Skateboarding and documenting the act itself go hand in hand.To me, there is nothing better than being able to freeze time, rewind and then relive the moment!

Filming skateboarding is pure gold!

It’s all about that slam, that near miss , that kick out ,that drunk dude and of course that make! It’s like being able to travel back in time.

I surround myself in skateboarding all day every day so I guess it’s all pretty inspiring to me. It doesn’t take too much to get me stoked and get a camera out during a session!

I think The No Comply Network is a great way to showcase the lots of different type of skateboarders out there. Through No Comply, I’ve got to know just how many talented skaters there really are which is so sick! (Y)

I just recently bought a Vx1000 which I plan on using to finish a full video project I’m working on.I started filming the vid a year back but the camera broke. Now I have this one and also plan to get another-another one for second angles too, should be able to release it sometime next year.

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