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Identity has always been a tricky subject for me off the back of racism but seeing other people step up and share their experiences has given me confidence in things changing. That’s why we have to keep this conversation alive and let it not just be a trend. I know that my mother experienced racism a lot worse than I have but she managed to fight it and she’s stronger because of it to this day. That’s always been inspiring to me and why we have to keep fighting it and educate ourselves and the next generation to follow so that things can take a turn for the better.
Remember this isn’t a fight between black and white but a fight for black people to have equal rights and if you wanna contribute but not sure how, here are some organisations fighting for the cause –

Respect to @dariustrabalza and @gunnclap_currie for motivating me to speak my mind. I’ve taken away the tags now because I realised that there’s a lot of pressure on black and brown people at the moment to stand up and tell the world who we are and on top of what’s happening, I understand that’s not what everyone needs. Peace

2020-06-08 21:09:54