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Every crew of skateboarders has that one guy who no matter what will make you laugh no matter what the situation is, the guy who is always there for you, the guy that always had your back no matter what, the guy who would give you the shirt off his back, the guy who was always up to have fun, that guy in our crew was Virgil Suydam. It’s sad to see a day 1 homie move on to the next life. Like what Josh Kalis said about Stevie Williams in Sixth Sense…. Virgil was a “Homie to the heart” From Noreaster videos to 411 Issue 1 to 20 Shot Sequence to Eastern Exposure Virgil was a true skate rat. Love you homie!

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Name: Virgil Suydam
Location: NJ, PA , FL
Date: 1996-1999
Filmed by: Joe Krolick

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