Project Description

Shred for Life 1 was a benefit demo event that every pro on the east coast showed to. Just learning how to use my camera I was blown away that all the pros that I saw in videos were right in front of me ripping and I could film them. Sorry for the crap filming, I was 16. The east was definitely in the house that day! All legends! Thank you skateboarding!

Skaters in order of appearance:

Harold Hunter (RIP)
Fred Gall
Steve Rodriguez
Kenny Hughes
Brian Seber
Pat Guidotti
Chris Keefe
Quim Cardona
Mike Cardona (RIP)
Chip Van Ham
Andy Stone
Reese Forbes
Matt Reason (RIP)
Ricky Oyola
Jamie Story
Peter Bici
Tony Cox
Bobby Puleo
Mike Maldonado
Bam Margera
Javier Nunez
Charlie Wilkins
Chad Kramer
Donny Barley

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Shred For Life 1
Edison, NJ
Filmed by: Joe Krolick

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