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Reposting this because these statements have me fuming. It’s so easy to judge what you think you know. I don’t usually toot my own horn but I am a US military veteran, I hold 3 degrees, have worked in the media (TV, print, & digital), am an educator who has been fortunate to travel the world and meet all kinds of people…oh AND I AM A SKATEBOARDER! Have been for 20 years now and you really think we couldn’t have a good conversation? Trust me, while we may agree or disagree you will not find me to belittle you and I will not only listen to you, I will actually HEAR you and attempt to see your point of view. I will attempt to find common ground, even though time and again I find that I am not afforded this same respect. Do you really think that I am somehow unaware of what is behind the passion that compels me to speak out against what I see that is wrong in the world? I am not an anomaly, there are many like me and @foxnews has the audacity to belittle and push forward negative stereotypes? Imagine my total lack of surprise and utter disappointment with a so-called news channel that has steadily become less objective. A network that cowers to it’s golden goose of ratings: a leader who stokes divison, spreads false statements, and has been anything but presidential. Maybe you found a skater who in the moment, on national TV with a microphone thrust in their face & put on the spot got nervous. Maybe that person is overwhelmed and cannot articulate perfectly the message their body, mind, & soul are aching to convey. Or maybe they don’t really know every reason, or maybe they are there trying to educate themselves on why others are standing up. Shame on you @foxnews for stooping so low to mock an entire group of people because of that. Shame on anyone who chooses to jump on soundbytes and write off an entire person, group, or movement. Are we not sick of this yet? Are we not ready to be better that the worst of human nature? If you are share your story iammorethanastereotype


2020-07-02 07:40:24