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I believe you can learn a lot about somebody’s personality by observing the way they ride a skateboard. I had just started skateboarding at 11 years old when my hometown of Penistone opened a skatepark. Before it’s ’official’ opening, a group of older, sponsored skaters visited from neighbouring Barnsley. There was one guy specifically who stood out to me, who I later learned to be @eamoncroghan . Having just started skating I’d read magazines and watched a handful of videos, but witnessing Eamon with my own eyes, watching him move with so much grace and fluidity was the first time I ever witnessed the tangible, atmospheric essence of skateboarding. To see somebody who could actually perform these tricks I’d see in photos and videos was surreal at the time. Over the course of the next 6/7 years, Eamon and I became good friends, skating and filming together in and around Barnsley with @mylesrushforth , @alexbird7 and a bunch of others. I quickly learned that this fluidity and grace he presented through his skating was also a reflection of his calm and humbling personality. It’s safe to say Eamon was everybody’s role model; older, wiser and capable of achieving a taller vertical leap than the rest of us combined. To learn that Eamon lost his life to cancer just this week is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with his family, friends and the northern skateboarding scene. Rest easy, Eamon and thank you for everything. x

2019-07-27 08:48:01