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❤️?Attention! I am shocked and upset I have not heard or seen anything from @dreadybrand in support of The black lives matter movement. I apologise , yes people have their own lives and I don’t know what reason those who run dready have to not be pushed in this time to do anything in support of the civil rights movement especially with in our capabilities. but what DREADY is is a mark of freedom, ROOTS AND CULTURE they seem to have forgot , it’s not about image it’s about fighting injustice worldwide! If my father could see this he would be sick and upset and I will continue to push DREADY to become a mark of unity once more! Forget your aesthetic !LOVE PEACE AND UNITY- WORLD CONCIOUSNESS! I am auctioning this ORIGINAL piece BY ROBERT SIDLAUSKAS r.i.p (DREADY) and all raised will be donated to support the fight for justice! (BailBonds, Victims and various legitimate movements) DM ME WITH OFFERS AND ILL PICK THE HIGHEST! This is a small part of the mission we ALL need to take part in, GET UP STAND UP, DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! 1Love

2020-06-06 09:05:06