Been reading mad loads at moment but juggling a few books. Bought this one on a whim after listening to a lot of Rollins talking about his appetite for travel and doing things. Obviously always been a huge Black Flag fan and read ‘Get in the van’ years ago but I’ve been really inspired by his complete and insatiable appetite for working and exploring and creating. An appetite I share in a similar way. This book is essentially a tour diary of his travels with the Rollins band during the late 90’s but also just his solo travelling. A poignant look at someone who lives an energetic and aggressive existence, constantly moving and never ever resting. At times extremely cynical and sometimes intensely negative but always wrought with humour and an absolute inspiration to any seeking that goal which can never be achieved. A really good book to pick up and see a different point of view and way of living. For fans of Rollins or for people who have never heard of him equally. .
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2019-08-08 09:46:57