🔥 BAGHEAD KIILLS II video premiere details! Full video released on February 4th, 2017 at the @broomskatepark, Leicester. Video will be playing at 8:30pm for FREE 🍻 FIRST SATURDAY OF FEBRUARY🌹 You can skate the park and get gnarly all day for £8 and zone out to the best damn video you’ll ever see 👈🏼 SUPPORT LOCAL 🔥 featuring @camlinford @piperatthegatesofdom @georgegpnc @dawsonclough @jazzatronic @ryan_gw_ @strawbz_ @pukewizard @willoceanodiete @dominicpadgett @jedtaylor97_ @_steezer @tim_hines w/ @rollersurfer @thestanzilla @pro_marky and more! 💪🏽 #bagheadkills2 Graphics by Joe Vozza

2016-12-09 12:07:08