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Emerica: OG-1 Shoe Review



We’ve been skating the Emerica OG-1 for a while now, so before you buy a pair read our review to see if they are for you.

Marc Johnson pushed the original release of these kicks to the limit

Mark Pritchard: Fully Illustrated Interview


Mark Pritchard’s loose lined illustrations and tightly composed paintings are created in a way that makes you pay attention and take more time to appreciate the things that he’s painted and what they mean to him.

The subjects of

Jon Horner: Fully Ilustrated Interview


Jon Horner’s art is inspired by skate culture that he reimagines with his own take on classic British comic book style. The way he presents skateboarding iconography through his ideas and artistic homages is rad. We really appreciate the



Eyedress is a skater and multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter-rapper, who shreds on his skateboard, guitar and pretty much whatever instrument he gets his hands on.

He’s made some of the most hype-inducing and thoughtful tracks that we’ve heard by anybody who

Alex Olson: Favourites Interview


Alex Olson does a lot of things. In-between rolling on his board, surfing and running two of skateboarding and fashion’s most prominent brands – Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandon, he’s also just became a father.

As a result

Cosmo Pyke: Curser’s Lament Sounds Good Interview


Cosmo Pyke’s unique sound has been echoing through our minds since we first heard his music. He has been creating a series of some of our favourite tunes for a long time. But what’s equally as dope to hear

Darius Trabalza


 Darius Trabalza is a skater and painter from London who’s sponsored by Slam City Skates and Adidas. His skating is flowing and stylish with a helping of next level tech thrown in whenever he wants to connect the dots

Gabriel Viking


Gabriel Viking is a skater from Sweden who’s sponsored by Sci-Fi Fantasy. He’s got a creative bag of tricks and a unique, loose style. His free flowing approach to his skating is unique. He makes basic moves and the

Mack Scharff


Mack Scharff, Boneless over a Handrail: Shot by Bram De Martelaere



Mack Scharff’s epic clips and dope edits for Deluxe have become a major contribution to the SF-based distribution company’s ever flowing stream of video releases. Containing

Matt Rodriguez: iPath Preview In Focus interview


Matt Rodriguez’s iPath Preview section is a classic that’s completely soundtracked by his own music and it has always been one of our favourite sections since we first watched it. 

So we had to hit up Matt to ask

Alice Smith: Sounds Good: No Comply 14 Track Mix


We’re always stoked to hear the music that No Comply members like to listen to. So instead of just waxing poetic about the songs they are bumping their heads to everyday, we will be bringing you a series of

Reece Knobloch


Reece Knobloch’s rise as one of Germany’s most standout skaters has elevated in our eyes and around the globe at roughly the same rate of speed he has rolled around his home country’s streets and skateparks.

Pushing with effortless,

Tyler Surrey


Tyler Surrey’s skating is creative, precise and stylish. Polished on the streets, parks and plazas of San Diego, his diverse bag of tech tricks and ability to put them down on all terrain in his path, in combination with

Javier Mendizabal

Photo shot by @mikeomeally


Javier Mendizabal is a skater and painter from Spain. He burst onto the international skate scene with legendary sections for Cliché where he showcased his unique flowing relaxed style on some of the gnarliest transitions

Brian Panebianco



Brian Panebianco is a skater and filmmaker from Philly who’s the main lensman for Sabotage. His filming is on point and so is his skateboarding. There are not many skaters out there who have such a noticeably strong

Yves Marchon

Yves Marchon: Shot by @theotherhat


Yves Marchon is a skater and filmmaker based in Switzerland.

He’s worked for a series of top skate brands and was Element Europe’s main filmer and editor for over a decade. He’s captured some

Phil Evans: In Focus Interview




Phil Evans is a skater and filmmaker from Ireland based in Malmö, Sweden. He’s shot a series of experimental, original skate edits, shorts, films and documentaries with skaters independently and for brands.

Phil’s films are as multifaceted

Aaron Yant

Aaron Yant, shot by @wesleybanford


Aaron Yant is a skater based in California who’s been laying down creative, unique tricks for more than a while. He’s constantly innovating new moves on a selection of gnarly and low impact street

Torsten Frank: In Focus Interview




Torsten Frank’s filmmaking has defined adidas Skateboarding’s visual output for over a decade. His filming, editing and visual style is unique and really well-defined. His edits always show more than just the tricks that went down but

Tommy Couzens

Tommy Couzens is a skater and artist based in London.

After seeing his creative approach to skating and then discovering he makes great paintings we had to find out more about him, so we hit him up for a chat

Alice Smith

Alice Smith Shot by @whistonphoto


Alice Smith is a skater living in Birmingham sponsored by Nike SB who runs Brum Girl Skate.

She’s got a creative trick selection, stylish No Complys and does original tricks on ramp and street.

Jon Humphries: In Focus Interview

Jon Humphries has shot and filmed some of the most legendary skate moments but it was not by chance.

His tenacity and timing to be at the right places at the right time to capture the right shots and make

Tony Ferguson



Tony Ferguson is a legendary Girl Skateboards pro and the founder of Rone footwear.

Tony’s shoes are a lot like his skating. Classic shapes, comfortable style, made with attention to detail, that’s ready for all street terrain.


Mike Manzoori: In Focus Interview



Mike Manzoori’s skateboarding shows just one side of his creative talents but it was his pro career that put him on a path to filmmaking.

We were really interested to find out how exactly he made the transition

Chris Emery



Chris Emery is a skater and filmmaker from Wolverhampton, England who runs Wolftown Skateboards.

His dedication to documenting skateboarding in Wolverhampton is unparalleled in both quality and quantity.

Over the last decade he’s produced a series of full-length

Mario Realegeno


Mario Realegeno is a skater and artist from Los Angeles.

Mario’s skating came to our attention looking through Matt Rodriguez’s Es La Boom skate roster where his creative style stood out to us.

So as Matt is one of

Nasir Roumou

Nasir Roumou is a skater based in London sponsored by Blast Skates.

His skating blends his passion for ’80s tricks done with a modern day approach. It’s clear that he gets a lot of creative inspiration from that early street-jump

Mia Gurary


Mia Gurary is a skateboarder and artist who runs Slacker. Through her creative brand she’s experimented with different forms of art, produce work in several mediums and made tighter connections with her crew and the collective of creatives she’s

Trav Wardle: In Focus Interview



Trav Wardle is a skater, filmmaker and illustrator who produces documentaries, animations and music videos.

He’s got a solid perspective as a filmer and a unique set of opinions on creative production, skating and video making 

So we

Danny Gonzalez’s Best Ever Interview



Danny Gonzalez has done some of our favourite tricks of all-time.

From his gravity defying upside down Wallride, perfectly balanced manual feats and series of next level gnarly tricks, he’s filmed some of the most obscure and creative

Mike Manzoori



Mike Manzoori is a skateboarder and filmmaker from England who lives in the USA.

Shredding on all terrain with a fast and loose style, Mike came up as a skater in an era when there was almost nothing

Brian Lotti


Brian Lotti is a revolutionary skateboarder, painter and filmmaker who invented a series of pivotal tricks in the 90s and went pro but as quickly as he shot into the fame in the industry he suddenly departed from skateboarding.

Alphonzo Rawls: Geared Up Interview



Alphonzo Rawls shoe designs are similar to his skateboarding – stylish, multifaceted and ready for all terrain. He’s created standout original models for a series of top skate shoe companies for decades but has now molded the experience

Shit Pencil: Fully Illustrated

Shit Pencil’s unmistakable thin lines, cap wearing character and scrawling handwritten style captions form together to create art that make astute comments on everyday situations with a unique, honest, comic take on skateboarding, life and philosophy from his perspective.


Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart is a skater and filmmaker whose skate videos have elevated the medium itself.

He’s produced a stack of memorable classics independently and for brands that have captured the attention of millions for decades.

Josh’s globe spanning Static video

Justin Albert



Justin Albert is a skater and filmmaker working for Adidas Skateboarding

Coming up as a filmmaker in San Francisco by going in and out of the city he learned how to get handle on his filmmaking but also

Benny Brown: Fully Illustrated Interview


Benny Brown is a skater and artist from Felixstowe, England.

His art’s jagged bold lines, dope beanie donning characters, comedic captions and colourfully palletted scenes make his work stand out from the crowd and caught our attention a long

Josh Simpson


Josh Simpson is a skater and filmmaker based in South London.

His artistic skate edits capture the lines and bangers of his crew at a series of well-known and lesser seen South London skate spots from the viewpoint of

John Murphy



John Murphy is a skateboarder, rapper and skate video maker from The South West of England. His tech skating and verbacious lyrical output both contain inventiveness, ingenious and a unique quirky intricacy.

After discovering skating from American TV

Julien Januszkiewicz


 Julien Januszkiewicz is a skater and filmmaker living in Bordeaux who has been capturing standout French creative skate feats for over a decade. First out of necessity to film his brother Ben’s skate shop, Popular Skateshop’s team but later

Tom O’Driscoll


Tom O’Driscoll is a skater and musician from Norwich who lives in Sheffield. His gnarly style of no holds barred skating first came to our attention when he Frontside Lipslided the rail at Fastlands in Birmingham, landing the first

Yaje Popson




Yaje Popson is a pro skater for Alien Workshop who shoots photography and creates and collects art. He’s got a unique loose style on a skateboard and his tricks are super tech but he takes a fluid,

David Yap: Geared Up



David Yap is a skater and Southbank local living in London with one of the smoothest styles in the city. He’s not an artist per se but he’s an original Concrete Poet and if you see him shred

Ted Barrow





Ted Barrow is a skater, art historian, lecturer and social media personality most well known for his former satirical skate account Feedback TS. His acerbic, assertive and always on point satirical skate commentary made him a


Photo by Andy Simmons

Slim is a skater sponsored by Thames who lives in London. He shot to the attention of the London skate scene with his unique array of old school tricks delivered with a dynamic modern style, a

Jeremy Wray: Fully Illustrated



Jeremy Wray is a legendary pro skater and artist known for his death defying feats, his utterly next level Ollie pop, board flipping control and standout ability to handle the pressure of overcoming the biggest obstacles on his

Calvin Ligono



Calvin Ligono is a skateboarder sponsored by New Balance who lives in London. He’s well travelled and consistently upbeat but we’re not just talking about his personality and skating. After finding out he’s lived in Africa, America, and


Gulan is an artist and skater from London, England who draws, paints and illustrates. His multifaceted art features signature warping faces, highly imaginative situations, settings and scenarios, wrapped in bold lines embedded with accompanying bright and dark colours.

It’s fortunate

Marcus Palmer

Marcus Palmer is a skateboarder from Birmingham who’s sponsored by Emerica and Karma Skateboards. He’s got a rad style, rips street and ramps and can seamlessly skate both at super speed with original style and he has great Hardflips. He

Paul Sunderland

Paul Sunderland is a skateboarder and musician who has been running punk and metal label Give Praise Records since 2005. You can see from his company’s collaborations with skate musicians and it’s skateboarding graphical output that he’s devoted to skating

Henry Jones Fully Illustrated Interview

Henry Jones is a skateboarder and illustrator from West Chester, Pennsylvania whose satirical art is so funny it will literally get you rolling. His art is always drawn from a positive place and pokes fun at things skaters do, see

Tyler Warren



Tyler Warren is a Canadian skateboarder and filmmaker from Calgary who skates for Alltimers. He has a super tight selection of tricks, a tenacious push and an equally quick wit. He’s been stacking standout skate clips for a

Roberto Cuellar




Roberto Cuellar is a skater and artist from Mexico living in Berlin, Germany. His skateable sculptures are pieces of fine art. But there’s more to them than solid skate obstacles with intriguing aesthetics. As a skater and

Ed Syder

Ed Syder’s illustrations are drawn from a love for skateboarding and his vested interests in the pop culture, music and film that captured him as a kid. So it makes sense that a film that featured skating first inspired him

Henry Edwards Wood



Henry Edwards Wood produces skate videos that transcend the boundaries of art and skateboarding cultural documentation. His relentless drive to hone his craft and capture unseen skate talent, impactful tricks and the intangible moments that he manages to

Zach McAdam



Zach McAdam is a skater and filmmaker from Lancashire who runs the Panasonic Youth brand. His skate crew, based in Sheffield and the North of England, has an eclectic bag of styles and mix of personal tastes but

Al Hodgson




Al Hodgson is a skater and filmmaker from Brighton, England who runs Orwellian World Landscape. He’s produced a plethora of videos and products, where he displays his curious fascination with dystopian worlds, the inner and outer workings

Cosmo Pyke: Sounds Good Interview



Cosmo Pyke is a skater from South London who’s become known around the world for his unique singing, songwriting and guitar music. His unique sound made such a big noise it was heard by millions of people

Jack Hamilton: Fully Illustrated

Jack Hamilton is a skateboarder and illustrator who’s drawn to the darker side of life in more ways than one. His sardonic humour and penchant for drawing unworldly creatures, sci-fi experiments gone awry and skating harsh transitions whenever he can

RB Umali


R.B. Umali is the filmmaker behind one of street skateboarding’s most treasured visual gems, the Zoo York Mixtape video.

He captured the raw intensity of East Coast skating in a finely polished way that inspires skating, fashion and music

James Bush

James Bush connects the dots on tech tricks that many cannot. His passion for complex constructions doesn’t just end on his board, he also works as a graphic designer which just further draws his focus into laying down well-spaced lines

Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez’s tricks turned skateboarding upside down. He’s got a unique way of putting himself in difficult positions and getting the most creative impact out of whatever he’s doing.

His devotion to off-kilter moves has kept skaters hooked on his

Joel Perry: Reel Cool Interview

Joel Perry is a skateboarder and motion graphics artist from Hereford, England.

He’s been a member for a while and he’s also got an impeccable taste in skate videos, music and films that we often don’t get the chance to

Shaun Currie

Shaun Currie is a skater who lives in Sheffield, England, who’s quick-footed style and slick bag of tricks have seen him become one of the most standout skaters in the UK.

But everybody knows that there’s more to Shaun than

Jackson Casey

Jackson Casey is a skater and filmmaker who runs Pyramid Country. Living and working in Arizona, his space meets world style skate videos capture the tricks, tribulations and triumphant skate situations that he and his Pyramid Country crew unearth

Kris Vile

Kris Vile is a skateboarder from Birmingham, England who’s been a standout presence on his board since the day he started. He’s always pushing himself to do the gnarliest and most challenging tricks he can on whatever is in front

Diego De Souza

Diego De Souza is a skateboarder and filmmaker from Brazil. His skate videos blend a super-futuristic sci-fi-inspired visual aesthetic, with hard, tech and gnarly skating. He’s a great filmer but he’s also a sick skateboarder himself.

Diego and his

Luka Pinto

Luka Pinto’s spontaneous street skateboarding is a great thing to watch but there’s more to it than your eyes notice at first. He’s a skater and artist from Jersey, England a remote island where things regularly grow in isolation.


Matt Rodriguez

Matt Rodriguez’s skateboarding, music and art is flowing, fluid and fast. He’s got a unique, loose style on a board and a diverse trick selection and his spontaneous approach to skating on all-terrain oozes with creativity. So it’s no surprise

Ben Colen


Ben Colen is a skateboarder and photographer who’s eye for unique moments and steady judgement has allowed him to capture a series of the most standout skate photos.
It’s probably because Ben skated for such a long time before

Todd Francis

Todd Francis’ provocative graphical style is imprinted into the history of skateboarding.

A brilliant artist with a great sense of humour is rare but one with a dedication to shifting general perceptions through their graphics that make skaters laugh is

Daewon Song

Daewon Song has pushed skateboarding in so many different ways it’s almost impossible to define. 

There’s no manual for Daewon’s technical tricks yet he’s been exploring the possibility of what he can do on a skateboard as a pro skater

Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee is a skateboarding pioneer and musician who put No Complys on the map in the 90s. If you’ve never seen his video parts or listened to his music, you need to. Just like the soulful sounds he makes

Rich Smith


Rich Smith is a skate filmer and brand owner who has made his name by creating jazz-infused skate company Skateboard Café and also capturing hours of quality footage with skaters on his team and hundreds of others around the

Dinero DIY: Reel Cool Interview

Dinero DIY is the world’s first skateable art installation, founded and run by two female skaters called Levanna and Eve. But that’s not the only thing that makes this sick, Southern Spanish spot different. 

Dinero’s unique aesthetic is built around

Callum Sidlauskas: Fully Illustrated

Callum Sidlauskas is an artist and skater and No Comply member from Birmingham who laid down a series of the biggest tricks at our Beyond Skateboarding jams.

So we had to hit him up for our first illustration feature ‘Fully

Brad Cromer

Brad Cromer is a pro skater and artist who powerfully meshes creative and innovative tricks on his board with a super clean style.

His artwork is similarly imaginative and bold and if he’s not making art, he’s looking for spots

Kevin Romar

Kevin Romar is a skater and DJ who has done some of the gnarliest tricks with the smoothest style. He’s got a twisted trick selection.
Kevin also regularly makes quick power moves on his turntables for thousands of nightgoers for

Hotel Radio Paris: Sounds Good


JC Leuvrey [Pictured:Left] is a skater and DJ who runs Hotel Radio Paris, an internet radio show, he broadcasts right out of his studio chateau in Paris.

Hotel is not just another ‘quirky’ venue it has been host to

Spencer Fujimoto

Spencer Fujimoto has skated for some of the most prestigious skate companies of all-time. As a kid, he was part of the original 90s World Industries team. During his teens in SF he was a local at EMB and by

Alex Olson

Alex Olson’s ability to skate anything in his path, at the kind of speed you should really be wearing a helmet to handle, saw him landing memorable video parts for Girl, Lakai, Nike and Supreme from the early-2000s onwards –

Louis Slater Reel Cool Interview

Louis Slater is a skater and artist who runs Sex Skateboards.

He grew up skating on the streets of Sheffield but after joining the Baker Crew in California, he spent half the year having hijinx in Hollywood and the other

Patrick O’Dell

Patrick O’Dell is a skate photographer and filmmaker who created the Epicly Later’d series.

Utilising interviews and archive footage Patrick’s online skate docu-series showcased the lives, successes and struggles of skateboarding’s most interesting and elusive personalities.

It’s one of the

Alphonzo Rawls

Alphonzo Rawls is an innovative skater, shoe designer and graphic artist who turned pro in the early 90’s.

Alf went pro at a time when skateboarding was changing at an incredibly quick pace and although skateparks were being shut down

Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder who does gnarly tricks and tech ledge moves. But that’s not the only thing that defines his story. Dan’s passion to pursue challenges is unending.

His lack of sight hasn’t slowed down his ability

Julian Klincewicz

Julian Klincewicz goes for everything on and off his board.

He skates anything at anytime, that he can find inbetween working as a film director, musician, photographer, fashion designer and model.

He’s created films and creative work for Louis Vuitton,

Anthony Acosta


Anthony Acosta is a skate photographer with next level skills on his board and behind the lens.

Coming up in Cali he managed to get sponsored to skate and filmed some banging skate sections but he steadily became as

Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo, Frontside 360, Shot by Seu Trinh


Daniel Castillo is one of the most stylish skaters to ever do it, who has skated for Chocolate Skateboards since it began.

His unique style and tricks have inspired skaters to

Chet Childress

Chet Childress is a rapid firing ripper on his board and at the canvas.

An artist and a skater from a young age Chet turned pro and travelled the world nomadic style throwing down shocking tricks and documenting his experiences,