And the last one from @mrlinston (for now) 😂. This photo unfortunately never got published in Sidewalk, which is a shame because quite frankly it is my favourite skate photo of me skating. I know it’s only an Ollie at Chesterfield Skatepark, but it was after I left my sponsors (long story/shit end of the stick type scenario), finishing up at Uni and getting to know the most wonderful of humans @lovenskate And for anyone who doesn’t care, being a sponsored skateboarder, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… being forced into filming tricks and smashing yourself for zero money and having to hang around with people who think they’re cool, kind of isn’t all that cool. 😂😂 Dont get me wrong I appreciate anything that anyone has ever given me and all the adventurous travels that skating has blessed me with, but the moral of the story, like this photo; is to skate because you want to have fun and just skate the way that makes you feel good. Because that’s what it’s all about really init and big ups yersen, if you could be arsed reading all that!?.
Respec’ 🙌🏻👊🏻😍☺️.
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2020-01-23 23:59:39